Friday, August 29, 2014

Ji Mui's Trip @ Singapore Day01

PS NOTE: I'm not didn't change top for the past 3 posts LOL... It's just that I love this top so much so most of the times I wear it wherever I go. LOL... FYI, these 3 posts I wear it different time ok ? LOL... hahahaha
Me and Baoly

I couldn't recall when is the last time 'MITSU'(MITSU is a group name we called ourselves when we were 15? LOL) went holiday together... I think the last its when we were secondary school ? LOL... It's really hard for us to plan a holiday together because our job, time is different. So it's hard for us to get the same day off especially me LOL... This time I am so lucky because when they planning to went to Singapore, I request day off from company for 3 days and they approved me :) But too bad this time Tzeyen couldn't make it due to working so only 5 of us :)

Meingie & Charlotte

I purchased the last minute ticket for staff :)

Meingie, Charlotte and Fei
While waiting, let's SELFIE 

This is the street where we stay - Chinatown

Our hotel.... Hmm... It's small but quite comfortable laaaaa :)

Our dinner of the day we decide to had it at the Chinatown Food Street

Seriously, Singapore foods not nice at all LOL... But we are too hungry so don't care laaaa just eat

Selfie at the MRT station and we get scolded by the Security uncle there by shouting at us : DO NOT TAKE PHOTO here! 
We were like speechless LOL.... First time... haih... Singaporeans

But still we don't care.... 

This is a trick here... When take photo shouldn't pose like this... You will look fat and short

Cross your leg and you will look slim and tall hahahaha... Quote by Baoly

Singapore famous place - Clarke Quay

Famous 'Roti Ice Cream' 

We ordered 'Red Bean' but taste like Strawberry LOL

Actually me and Meingie feel like want to try the G-Max but too expensive LOL... :( 

There's a bread stall corner for taking photo hahaha...
Fei and Charlotte are good actors 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SEAFOODS@Haeundae, Busan

First of all, I would like to apologize because I totally forgot what is the name of the restaurant. But I promised you guys will let you guys know on the next post including the address ok ? So next time if you go to Haeundae, Busan just show the taxi driver then they will bring you there... Sorry~
This month is a happy month because 'I'm holiday while working'.... Why did I said that ? Because I got so many long stay flights this month so I can even enjoy and holiday at the same time. The first fight was Nagoya, Japan. we got 1 full and a half day there but we didn't go out to the city because the fare to the city is damn expensive. So we just spend our days at the airport LOL... But good thing was their airport is super big and got alot stuffs there too :)

The second flight was Busan, Korea... The most happening flight ever in my life. It's 3 days 2 nights trip... I turn on my holiday mood and working mood is off hahahaha... So I posted in the Facebook 3D2N holidays begin is actually we fly there and holiday at the same time. The best part was fly with the best crewset that hang out with you together and do the crazy things with you together hahahaha....

The third flight was Sydney which I just came back few hours ago :) we also have 1 and a half day there so we can spend our time to walk around and chilled. I will blog all about it soon...
But what is long stay ? normal stay and short stay ? Long stay is you get more than 24 hours staying in that place, normal stay is 24 hours(example like we arrived this morning and will be departing back tomorrow morning), short stay is less than 24 hours(we called it as layover and it's the most tiring flight, you reach hotel, sleep, wake up and work).

Okay, stop about all the bullshits now.. Today I'm gonna blog about a seafood restaurant that very famous in Haeundae, Busan. If you got a chance to visit Haeundae, Busan you must try this :) It's FRESH and DELICIOUS. This restaurant you might need to go there early like 5 or 6pm because the queue is damn crazy long. What so special here ? If you ordered a LARGE size Seafood platter, they will put in the LIVE octopus in the hot soup and you watched how it died and you EAT it LOL....

The side dishes :)

Kimchi Kimchi... I love Kimchi

I don't know who are they, but seems like famous people do visit their restaurant too

The green apple salad... My crew love it very muh LOL keep ask them to refill refill refill

While waiting for our Seafoods arrived, let's selfie
Here it is... Before they put in the octopus

After they put in the octopus... See it LIVE here
Taaaadaaaaa..... Our Seafood...

Bibimbap of courseeee....

The sauce you eat together with the seafoods... Syiok ahhhh

After 5 GIANTS finished all the foods... 'Totally forgot about the octopus'

After seafood, of course got and buy my favourite korean fried chicken :) Yum Yum