Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 Different Type of Passengers

Hi my lovely peoples, I always blog about Flight Attendant this, Flight Attendant that... So this time would like to blog about passengers... Hmmm... It's not a sargastic post don't worry... If not I will get scolded again LOL... Today I'm gonna blog about 10 different types of passengers that I always met onboard, let's see which one are you ?? hahahaha~
(1) The passengers that sleep all the way
No matter take off, turbulence, food and drinks service, landing until the aircraft door is open, these passengers can sleep all the way.. Nothing can disturb them from sleeping :) It's very easy-handle passengers :)
FA: Sir/Maam, would you like to buy something ?
PAX: ZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZzzz
FA: Sir/Maam, please fasten your seatbelt due to turbulence...
PAX: ZzZzZZzzzZZZ (Fasten seatbelt but the eyes are still close)
(2) The passengers that like to complain every single little things
PAX: Why the seats so small ?
FA: ..........
PAX: Why your service so slow ?
FA: ..........
PAX: The foods are sucks... and so EXPENSIVE
FA: ..........
PAX: Even water also sold RM4, what else you giving us are FREE ?
FA: .......... Nothing...
(3) The passengers that like to tell their story to Flight Attendant
PAX: Do you love your job ?
FA: Yeah... Of course...
PAX: How long you been working in this airline ?
FA: 5 years ?
PAX: Woah... My son also work as a pilot and my other son work as a lawyer, one based in England one based in US, I always travelled here and there to see my son....................................
(4) The passengers that forced the Flight Attendant to speak their language
PAX: @$#$%%^$^%%^#$@#!#%^&^&*
FA: Errr.... Sorry, I could not understand... Can you speak in English ?
PAX: @$%^&^$%@#^%^&**&*&*
FA: Err... English ??? English ???
PAX: @##$%@$^&^*&*(^&%^&%
FA: ...................
(5) The passengers that respect and afraid of Flight Attendant so much
FA: Sir/Maam, could you please put your bag under the seat ?
PAX: Oooohh... Sorry sorry (kick the bag under the seat)
FA: Sir/Maam, could you please turn off your laptop for landing ?
PAX: Sorryyy.... (straight away press the on/off button to off the laptop)
Err... Actually you can take your time to 'shut down' your laptop is ok ^^
(6) The passengers that listen instructions all the flight
ANNOUNCEMENT: ...... Fasten seatbelt due to turbulence
PAX: (straight away awake and fasten seatbelt)
ANNOUNCEMENT: ..... Please stow your tray table and put your seat upright for landing...
PAX: (straight away stow the tray table and seat upright)

(7) The passengers that don't know what are we doing..
FA: Any foods or drinks to purchase ?
PAX: (handover the rubbish to us)
FA: I will come back for the rubbish collection shortly :)
FA: (pushing the rubbish cart) Any rubbish to dispose ?
PAX: Can I order one Nasi Lemak and one Coke ?
FA: ....................

(8) The passengers that thought Flight Attendant are information counter
PAX: Do you know where are we flying over ?
FA: .......... (we are not pilots)
PAX: Do you know when AirAsia have promotion for flight tickets ?
FA: .......... (we are not promotion advertising department)
PAX: Do you know what are nice in Melbourne ?
FA: .......... (I'm from Malaysia not from Melbourne)

(9) The passengers that very very very stingy
FA: Hi Sir/Maam, this is your balance RM2
PAX: What is the rate onboard ?
FA: It's 2.8017 Sir/Maam
PAX: (pressing the calculator).... I thought you should have given me back RM2.20 ?
FA: I'm so sorry, because we do not carry coins so I only can give you back RM2
PAX: Then I give you another 1 dollar and you give me back RM1 more...
FA: ..................... OK..

(10) The passengers that Happy Go Lucky
PAX: Hi can I have a Nasi Lemak ?
FA: I am so sorry but our Nasi Lemak sold out, would you like to try something else ?
PAX: yeah sure... Just give me anything
FA: :) Thank you so much

So which one are you ??? Hopefully not the number.9 LOL hahahahaha

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Please Respect~

Hello peoples I am back~ I am so busy of flying recently... Busy of earning money LOL... :( Money is so hard to earn I know right... As you all know I just came back from Singapore. Some peoples said they jealous about me because seems like I went to holiday quite often nowadays... Actually I am not... My pocket is totally empty now... But I am happy because I willing to spend my money on holiday :) 人生嘛!总要享受的啊~ eventhough I'm broke now wuwuwuwu~ Soon I'll be blogging about Singapore, but I haven't finish blogging about my OSAKA LOL...

Today I'm gonna blog about the same thing again... Recently I still receive alot emails, wechat, facebook PM ask me regarding the airlines. I don't mind to answer one by one like what I said last time... But AGAIN! Still receive some rude emails~

Tell me the SALARY ?

Okkkayyy... I am very sensitive on these kind of questions. If you would like to ask me, please do ask me in a polite way, can't you ? 我并没有义务去一个一个详细的回答你的问题。I never get paid on these ok ? What makes you think that I SHOULD answer your questions ? What makes you think that I MUST answer your questions ? I will help you if you ask me in a nice way, but SORRY to ignore you if you ask me in a RUDE way...

I couldn't understand WHY ? If you want to join airlines as a cabin crew just because of the BENEFITS or SALARY ? Then I can tell you, you may give up on this because this is not a job that you can handle if you do not like this job sincerely. There are more BENEFITS or better SALARY outside other than cabin crew... Find a job that suits you... Not here...

I don't know you, you don't know me. 我帮你是人情;不帮你是道理~请你明白这一点

Please do not get offended here, if you feel like you get offended... Please find out why ? Sorry for being abit harsh on this post but I am really upset and disappointed sometimes...
你现在是在向我请教,而不是命令我还是吩咐我~ 请谦卑些的尊重我

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, Castor Law

I should blog this out earlier cause Castor's birthday passed long time ago LOL... I am so sorry again due to my laziness. Last month was Castor's birthday and we(ex-dancing members) decided to had a birthday dinner with him and gathering as well :) 'Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf' Heard alot positive comments from friends and we going to give a try on it :) It's all about PORK PORK PORK... So sorry if you are Halal LOL :(
While waiting for our foods, SELFIE first laaa of course LOL
The members of the day 'Thera, Maychong, Castor, Me, Tiffany, Ting and Bobo'
Happy birthday to you Little Boss... We used to call him 'XHM' means ‘小红帽' hahahaha
Creamy spaghetti with pork bacon
Roasted pork salad
Pork burger
Cheesy pasta with porkball ? LOL
Fried porkball
Can't see mine due to the light LOL... FYI, Mine is pork lasagne hahaha
The birthday present by Bobo LOL... 'Givenchy T-shirt' hahahaha~
Outside... Another selfie again LOL...
Too many....
Tooooooo many selfie.....
Sorry... Can't post allllll LOL....

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chill and Thankful :) Love


'Be grateful on what you have now~' This is what my boyfren always told me... Yeah I know. I am a cabin crew, a job that every girl's dreaming of. I used to so depressed because of my job, I used to very negative about my job but now I realize and I start to appreciate my job no matter what happened on my flight or whatever xxx person that I met. Sometimes I will post on facebook or write it down on my blog but at the end I still love my job. What change my mind ? I told myself 'I love my job, not because of the company. It's because I can't give up on flying that's why I love it now and I'm happy now~' I willing to face all the challenges :)  

Saw some people keep complaining about their job on Facebook. Please~ If you really hate to face the xxx passengers, hate to met all the xxx people, hate to work in the sky... JUST QUIT~ As easy as that. Stop complaining your job everywhere because you are just showing how pathetic your life is. This is the path you choose, this is the amount you've earn for, so these are the challenges that you need to face to. So just open your mind and accept it, stop acting like a kid and keep complaining. This is the reality that you need to face, this is the world that you need to understand :) So just chill and accept it peoples...

Recently, saw one fb friend wrote a status like this : nowadays don't know why all the bloggers start to turn themselves into commercial blogger, the whole blog is all about advertisement.
I don't know did I turn into that ? But I know I'm not laaaa because I'm not famous as them so I do not have much adverts hahahaha~ (It's good or bad LOL) I always remind myself : Do not forget where you belong, do not forget where you start. You start as a blogger, do not forget the old you that you used to share your moments with your readers :) You start as a model, do not forget those who help you when you fall into a deep hole. You start as a nobody, do not forget where you belong and do not forget who support you always :) Always look back and see who still following you. I always try my best to reply the comments on my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, try my best to reply emails that readers send to me, try my best to reply the comments that you guys comment on my blog :) Because of you guys, I heading to the right path :) Sincerely thank you very much LOL... Sorry laaaa, I'm not promoting myself here but I really thankful to all of you... Thanks for the support and of course, thanks to the haters also :) I grew up because of you all... hahahaha~

Another random post today... Do email me or comment me if you wish me to blog out anything.. Actually I know I still owe alot reader's requests... The top request is 'How I tie my french twist hair in Video' LOL... I'm still learning I am so sorry... :( will try my best to upload a french twist video as soon as possible okaayyy ?? Thank you for your patient =.=

See ya next post... Love you guys <3 font="">

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Universal Studio Osaka, Japan

My biggest wish in my life is to explore ALL the Universal Studio and also Disneyland in the world. I hope I can achieve it one day... I'm a happy girl last month because I've achieved 2% of my wish which is went to Universal Studio in Osaka Japan. I never expect to go to Universal Studio because of my mummy. The rides not suitable for my mummy but I told her we can walk around and took photos :) RM260++ per person is worth it actually because the scenery here is damn pretty. But too bad that I didn't manage to go to all the exciting rides because the queue was too long and also I'm playing alone :( LOL... I manage to ride one of the roller coaster but the feeling is not 'shock' when you do not have a companion with you because you 'shout' alone LOL...
Today let's the photos do the talk because I'll be sharing alooooot of nice photos :) Enjoy
How to go to Universal Studio Osaka
Osaka Station - Take the Osaka Loop Line - Stop at Universal Studio Station
Before we enter the Universal Studio, there's one big shopping mall and alot of shops outside
Here we are!
The ticket that cost us RM260+ look like this LOL
Mummy so happy when she saw this LOL
Full of Easter theme around Universal Studio
Mummy accidently closed her eyes when we took with the kitty girl and she is so unhappy, so we have to take another with this kitty boy again and I only can upload this LOL... #mummydon'tletmepostthekittygirl
Pinky Panther
Pinky pink...
The roller coaster that I manage to ride on...
Strong wind and nice weather
Omg... her leg and my leg #fatdieme
Mummy want posing too
Mummy tried so many attempts only manage to help me take this photo with the best angle LOL...
Sesame Street show
Me and mummy went to this ride and damn nice :) 3D Ride...
Mummy said: I want to take photo with Coca-Cola LOL
All the girls will be super excited when enter this theme
Hello Kitty, Snoopy and Sesame Street
Welcome to the Wonderland
Mummy ask me to go ride this with her... I was like =.=
Welcome to the Kitty World
I don't like Kitty but I love Pink so I am happy to see all in Pink LOL
Next, Sesame Street
Their popcorns are super delicious :)
Easter theme Sesame :)
We love FLUFFY~
I love Universal Studio!!!