Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The 'OCTOBER' me

It's my FIRST October post... I am back to blogging after so long... It's not because I am too busy or what, it's because I am too lazy to blog... Don't know what to blog and forgot how to blog :( So now I am starting all over again to get my motivation back. 

Let's update some about me recently. 
I just went to Dr.Ting skin clinic. My skin become worst these few days, acnes all over my face. Doctor said I am too stress. He asked me to take his medicine for 6 months to stop it. SO let's see how it goes... 

I saving money right now for my 'secret planning' next January :) Hopefully I can make it next year hahahaha... Don't ask me what is it ? You will know next year LOL... 

It's been a month I've been flying with AirAsia X. I am still working hard on it, request Australia flights and giveaway China flights as usual LOL... But recently hard to achieve my target hours cause AirAsia X got excess crew right now. So for your info, AirAsia X stop taking cabin crews recently :)

Next year I will be turning 25 years old, I don't know should I move forward or should I stay here to achieve higher ? Should I go try another airlines again or should I stay in my company right now ? I am so confuse. 25 is not young anymore.... :( That's why I am stress and stress and stress LOL.... 

I'm back to gym, back to diet... My fat percentage from 23% cut down to 21% after 2 months... Hopefully one day I can cut down to 18% (but don't know how many months to do that LOL) So I have to work hard on it again.... (So many things to work hard on it HAIH) 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Universal Studio @ Singapore

Hi guys, it's been one week I never update my blog... I just came back from my RECURRENT class (What is Recurrent ? We have to renew our flying license once a year)... Can't imagine I've been flying in AirAsia X for a year... Time pass too fast LOL... After my 4 days recurrent class back to academy, I busy with my sis wedding... I've been neglect my blog for a week and also absent from gym for a week too... LOL :( 

Back to my Singapore trip with my Mitsu :) The 2nd day in Singapore we went to Universal Studio and guess what ? We went to Universal Studio on Sunday LOL... But luckily we purchased the Express Pass and although the park is full of people but we manage to play ALL the rides in only 3 hours time including all the Kids rides... SHOCKnya.... The best thing about Express Pass is you no need to queue for a ride in a normal queue and you can just straight away get into the ride in less than 2 mins time, and I don't understand why no people purchased Express Pass ? Hmmmm.... 

I'm not going to post all the photos again about Universal Studio Singapore because I bet you all already been there right ?? So today I just post all the photos that I took with my jimuiss, so sorry because you need to browse at all my UGLY SELFIES hehehe~

Special thanks to Baoly because she very desperate to go queue up for taking photos with all the cartoon characters :) So we manage to take most of the character photos :) hahahahaha~
Bear in mind some photos might abit blur because I use my phone to transfer my photo to laptop and upload.... 

Spot Fei at the back ? hahahaha

At the end of the day, we all ALL WET... AND DRY AND WET AND DRY LOL.... 
we played all the water rides then under the sun not more than 5 minutes all dry then water rides again hahahaha.... 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kinkakuji @ Osaka, Japan

Hi guys, back to my Osaka post again :) If you think that Osaka located at countryside then you are so so wrong, Osaka is actually another big city after Tokyo. This time I bring my mum to Osaka because from Osaka you can easily get access to Kyoto which is a very old and history place that full of 'Shrine'(Temple) and also all the history building of Japan. I think more than 4 shrine we went during our Osaka trip. Soon I'll be posting out the whole trip I plan to Osaka. For you guys who wish to bring your parents or grandparents, you may bring them to Osaka but bear in mind, you need to walk aloooooooot seriously. 

Today I blogged about a Golden Temple that very famous in Kyoto - Kinkakuji 金阁寺 What so special about this Kinkakuji because the whole building is made of Gold and you only can see from far... LOL... The building is located in the middle of the lake so you can only take pictures from far. 

The map of Kinkakuji... Did you see the gold building ? That's the one and you no need to read this map actually because there's only one path and you just follow then you can check out all the things inside :)

The entrance :)

Got our entrance ticket :) Let's go

The whole place surrounded by nature environment 


Not only can see the Kinkakuji... You can spot other buildings too :)

Here it is..... 美得像一幅画!I'm the one who take this photo... I can be a good photographer I guess hahaha... *You may download and use as a wallpaper hmmp hmmp LOL... 

Mummy with Kinkakuji

Seriously so damn pretty... But you know what ? There are so many tourists that day...

Mummy.... I can be a photographer too... I don't know why the whole trip I just love to help my mummy take photos :) So not much photos of myself hehehehe~

This is the nearer view of Kinkakuji... :)

Me myself only appeared on selfie photo LOL...

You can make a wish here... I don't know what is it ? I just make a wish LOL... 

Finally a photo of me ? Hahaha... Mummy help me to take

At the end before exit, there's alot of stalls that selling the souvenirs about Kinkakuji :)