Thursday, August 21, 2014

Morganfield's PORK Ribs with Love

Casual look to Publika
Loooong time never update my own lifestyle post... Hmmm... Not sure you guys will miss my lifestyle post or not ? Hahahaha~ Well, it's ok.. I guess you will hahaha :) I should blog this loooong time ago and I'm sorry again due to my super damn laziness... LOL... All the photos mostly in my Casio-TR15. It's very convenient if you want to transfer to your phone, but I need to use a USB cable to transfer all my photos from this camera to my laptop... I always lazy lazy lazy LOL... So till now only I manage to transfer all my photos into my laptop :) So stay tuned for more posts... Coming soon~~~ Hohoho~

Normally I will bring 2 cameras, 1 is Sony 1 is Casio. Sony is mainly for everything except 'humans' and Casio is only for 'selfie' hahahaha~ Because Casio really bad in taking scenery/foods or other things... It's only good for Selfie. But this post I didn't bring my Sony so I took all the pictures by Casio, abit bad laaaaa but please forgive me...

Had a super heavy brunch with 'Xiao Bao'... Our loooong lost best friend. We seldom contact each other but still we can be very very close... I don't know why.. 可能八字合得来?hahaha~
She is a very good friend, good family member, good consultant, good teacher and good listener :) FOR ME....

We had our brunch at Morganfield's (American Pork Rib Restaurant) at Publika. It was located on the second floor beside a Japanese Restaurant (I forgot what is the restaurant name) LOL

nice environment :) sorry for the bad quality photos LOL

The RIBS... looks delicious :)

Since all of us are on DIET except my boyfren =.= We decided to order a RIBS Sampl3r so 6 of us can share :)
While waiting for the ribs... SELFIE first of course hahaha~
My sister Thera
with her baby aka my niece Ashlyn Xuan :)
She is such a naughty girl
Tiffany and Xiao Bao

Ice Lemon Tea - Refill anytime you want

Crazy sisters...

This one I laugh die... 奸笑的婴儿 hahahaha
super active de baby
This is how the aunts punish the naughty girl LOL
Bad aunts hahahaha
'Don't take my bolster!' by Ashlyn Xuan
We were not suppose to order this but the waiter told us that kids meal are free so we order Fish Fingers :)
Nachos!! My all time favourite
Here it is..........

Wahhh.... 我们开餐啦
A fat die day... After Pork Ribs, chocolate dip as dessert LOL
 12.45am Goodnight~

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Basic Safety Knowledge Onboard that can SAVE yourself

I know that as a Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant, our responsibility is to ensure the safety of ALL the passengers, but DO NOT always rely on the cabin crew. You yourself can SAVE yourself too. Within these few years I'm flying, seems like a lot passengers do not have the basic safety knowledge onboard. If you comply ALL these points I'll be sharing with you guys, you'll not only save the time for evacuation, as well as save yourself too :) 

(1) Please put ALL your bags in the overhead compartments or UNDER the seat INFRONT of you
Most of the passengers will put their bags in the overhead compartment before take off, but everytime when we check the cabin before landing, we will see ALOT BIG BAGS that tried to fit in under the seat which is VERY WRONG. I know most of the passengers would like to get off the airplane as soon as possible after landing so they put their bags under the seat before landing. Here I'm gonna tell you what is SO WRONG. First, you must put all your big bags in the overhead compartment and small bag you may put it under the seat infront of you. Please TAKE NOTE, is UNDER THE SEAT INFRONT OF YOU, not under your leg.
*Why no big bags under the seat ? Some luggage case is too big and it will block the passenger infront of you to take their lifevest when comes to emergency
*Why not under your leg ? Because in case of emergency, it will block your LIFEVEST which located under your seat
*Why have to be under the seat infront of you ? Because you must make sure the path is clear of obstructions, you wouldn't want to block yourself because of your own bag when comes to evacuation. Right ?

(2) Please be ALERT if you are sitting next to an EMERGENCY EXIT
Where are the emergency exits ? For AirAsia will be row12 and row14, For AirAsiaX will be row15HJK, row 35ABC and row35HJK. If you are sitting next to an emergency exit, please be concentrate when the crews brief you about the emergency exit because you need to help us to open the exit when comes to emergency.
*Why have to be alert ? Some passengers like to sleep all the way but please be awake during take off after 3 minutes and also 7 minutes before landing, it's the critical time that most of the emergency would happen.
*Please study all the safety information in the safety card and read through how to open the emergency exit
*No BAGS at all at the emergency exit area because you do not want your bag become one of the obstructions when comes to evacuation

(3) Please check your LIFEVEST availability onboard
Everytime when you go onboard, just pull the tag under your seat and check is there any LIFEVEST in it. If you do not have a lifevest under your seat please inform the cabin crew and they will bring you one. You do not want to evacuate without a lifevest right ?
If you have a infant/baby with you, please ask the cabin crew where are the infant life vest located or ask them to bring you one and they will put it in your seat pocket. DO NOT OPEN if there is no emergency.
*The lifevest under your seat is different from infant lifevest and is only for ADULTS, infant lifevest is located somewhere else.

(4) Please study where are the emergency exits located
When you go onboard, take some time to study the safety information card and know where are the emergency exits. Different airlines have different safety information so read through the safety card. You might don't know the nearest emergency exits might be behind you :) In case of emergency, you will know which exit you can use and evacuate.

 (5) Remove all your earphones/handsfree during take off and landing
Take off and landing is the critical phases that most of the emergency will happen, so please be focus and alert during take off and landing. Look around your surrounding and if you sit near the window, try to look outside the window and you might spot something that we can't see. DO NOT listen to musics at this time because you might missed out the Captain's emergency announcement.

Some basic safety knowledge that can save the evacuation time and save yourself too :) Do share to your families and friends and practice the safety routine all the time when you go onboard :) Have a safe flight everyone

Monday, August 11, 2014

Kiyomizu-Dera Temple @ OSAKA

Hi my lovelies, I am so sorry for neglecting my blog for so long... Now I am back and hope I can blog more on this month.. :) Next time will try to bring my laptop along when I nighstop LOL... I got so many pending post haven't blog out yet. So please stay tuned and sorry for all the old posts hahahaha...
I went to OSAKA last 3 months and now only I blog out my 3rd Osaka trip post LOL... So sorry. This time I'm gonna blog about another nice and famous temple in Kyoto *Kiyomizu-Dera 清水寺.
This temple is the biggest buddisht temple, and is a must-visit in Kyoto :) 废话少说,来照片先
We went to Kiyomizu-Dera after Fushimi-Inari Shrine... For more about Fushimi-Inari Shrine you can read the post here
From Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Take KEIHAN LINE get off at KIYOMIZU-GOJO, and walk around 30 minutes to the temple
Finally we are here after 30minutes walk
2 pretty Japanese Girl
The other side of Kiyomizu-Dera, pray for love so mostly for couples :)
Because all in Japanese, LOL... I don't understand what they said so me and mummy didn't pray for anything... ALAMAK if we pray for the wrong thing hahahaha
Bad luck go away
'Love Stone'
Okaayy, see ya next post :) Hopefully will blog in 3 days hahahaha~