Tuesday, January 26, 2016

T H E 2 0 1 6

It's been a long day without you my friends... Already one year since my last post... Seriously I miss my blog but after I resigned, I don't know what else can I blog cause I'm no more a cabin crew. I know most of you interesting on my flying life but now I got nothing to share with you guys. You guys might boring if I only share my lifestyle post so... hmmm... Please forgive me... 

Let me just update about me recently cause most of you curious about where am I now ? What I'm working and what I do recently... After I resigned, I base in Laos, working on a property project in Laos. But due to some personal issue, I now move back to KL, working as a personal assistant, my working time is flexible, it can busy like hell and can be free like a bird LOL... 

Some of my friends asked: Do you miss flying ? I said OF COURSE but flying life is enough for me... 6 years I've been flying and that's enough for me. Thanks to my boss cause he is the one who pulled me out from airline industry, without him, I think I still trapped in the same company for don't know how many years again... 

My mindset had been change after I leave airline, when I'm still in airline, everything is about money money money... I fly so hard because of money! I stress myself because of money! But after I leave airline, money is not that important to me anymore as long as I can cover my commitment and I can still live and eat what I want. This is the life I want, as long as I'm still alive I still can continue to walk my path happily :) I think because I got more time to see my family and friends, this is the most important thing in my life, I can even celebrate special day with them. So you give up something but you earn something in the other hand, GOD is FAIR... 

Last, thank you guys who still following my blog till now :) I hope I can back to my blogging life 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Back to Blogging~ I'm still ME

我肥来了!这次真的肥来了(我真的很肥哈哈) 再次很抱歉那么久才回来,现在看看已经4个月了我抛弃我的部落格 真的真的很抱歉。我承认我懒惰,但是最大的原因就是我的电脑已经病入膏肓了!每次当我开我部落格的URL时,就弹出很多很多小窗口(很明显就是中病毒了),搞到我文章都还没PO就发脾气~ 从那天起,我就不曾开过电脑!现在我重新回来了,因为终于拥有了一架新电脑 Macbook Air(我梦想以来一直想买的电脑)谢谢‘某人’送我的礼物啦啦啦~ 哈哈哈哈

4个月了,这几个月来发生了很多事也作了很多决定。当然最大的决定就是 我离开我的航空公司——AirAsiaX了。就是说,我现在不再是空服员,不再是没有翅膀的天使。有Follow我Facebook的人大致上都知道我发生什么事。我转了份工,现在长期在老挝Laos工作。想要知道我现在在做什么的,可以微信我:lemonn1202

很多人问我:你不爱飞吗?为什么要辞职?我会回答:我爱飞!但是那份热情已经不在了。以前的我是因为热爱飞而飞;但是慢慢的却因为赚钱而飞。当初的热情已不再的时候,就开始感觉到累感觉到疲惫。社会变了,变得现实了~ 才开始知觉热情已经不能当饭吃,我也不再是当初那个天真的小女孩~

现在我重新回来更新部落格,已经太多文章没有PO出来~ 慢慢的会补回给大家,希望大家别介意。虽然现在我已经不是空服员,但是还是希望能得到你们的支持~ 希望下篇文章还能看到你们的出现 :)


Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year... 2015

2014年,很抱歉我一直令大家失望。说好的会一直更新部落格但是一直没有做到,我真的很没用~ 知道新的一年,大家都会为自己设好目标,当然我也不例外。谢谢2014年,让我长大,让我学习不同的人事物,有好有坏,我会一直努力学习如何成为一个更棒的人。2015年,我将进入25岁,25岁新的岁数,新的阶层,现在的我进入了另一阶段的黄金岁数~ 

2014, sorry to keep disappointing everyone, I didn't update my blog frequently as promises LOL... So sorry. I know everyone will set up their goals every new year and so do I. Thanks to 2014, I grow up, learn many things, good and bad, new experience, let me become a better person every single day. I will be entering 25 years old this year. 25 years old, new age new stage new level... 


Along all these years, I know all of you keep supporting me, ask me do not give up, do not stop chasing my dream. Today, I would like to said million thanks to all of you but I had decided to stay in my current company. I will stop trying other airlines :) Not because I'm giving up, not because I fed up.. It's because I've seen through many things, talk to friends, loves one and realize, it's not easy if you really want to stay far away from your home,

虽然我现在这间公司福利没有比别人好,工钱没有比其它航空高,但是我快乐。以前的我,太过执着于金钱,哪里能赚钱,都想要去做想要去试。现在的我却发现,‘快乐’其实才是最难得到的宝物。这道理是我的朋友告诉我的。这一年,我的新目标并不是满足金钱上物质上。而是想要过我自己要过的人生~ 买自己想要的东西,去想要去的地方。就像我Instagram写的:就算有钱无钱,我也一样快乐。

My company benefits not as good as others, salary not as high as other airlines, but I'M HAPPY. I used to chase money blindly but now I realize, HAPPINESS is the only thing that you very hard to earn. So this year, my new year resolution is do what I want, buy what I want, travel where I want :) I will be a different me this year :) 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014



虽然这是印尼亚航,但是我们戴着同样的wing pin,穿着同样的制服,飞着同一款飞机,载着同样公司的名声~ 没想到我们会在新年即将来临前遭遇到这么难过的一件事




这段时间对我们亚航家庭来说很难熬,尤其是我们的CEO,自从出事以来,他就一直send email给我们一直支撑着我们,一直叫我们stay strong。这公司是他的,他比谁都难过,但是他还是很坚强的一直对我们说加油~ 第一次觉得自己很庆幸可以加入这间公司

全体亚航工作人员,我们加油吧!一起和乘客的家属们坚强的再次站起来~ 我们虽然是廉价航空,但给予乘客们的安全措施服务永不廉价 "Safety is our priority! This is always our aim~

#Staystrong #AirAsia ALL FOR ONE ONE FOR ALL

Friday, December 26, 2014

About My Job

A lot of people out there dreaming of become a cabin crew... What is your reason and why you want to become a cabin crew ? I know most of the people will answer: I want to travel the world, I want to know more different culture peoples.... But you don't know how tired we are of being a cabin crew...
Yes, we had fun, we had happy moments but most of the time we are tired, we are fatigue... So we need to mentally and physically prepared when working because you don't know what will happen next second.

(1) We need to prepared the aircraft before you guys can start boarding.
What we prepare ? Check the safety equipments, check the foods and drinks given by the Caterer, check the toilet fully replenished and make sure is dry and clean, spray the whole aircraft cabin, prepare the business class pillows and blankets and water. 

(2) Check the stocks
Check the passenger's pre-booked meals make sure is catered correctly, check the alcohol, the snacks and etc make sure the amount is the same in the form and in the cart. 

(3) During boarding
Do not think that we only stand there and show you seat number when boarding... Actually boarding can be very busy too... We need to help passengers to find a space for their bags, we need to brief the mother travelling with infant and offer infant seatbelt, we need to brief the wheelchair or blind or any special passengers, we need to brief the passengers that seated emergency exits.

(4) After Take-Off
After take off we are very busy too... We will distribute the immigration cards to the passengers, help passenger to fix the bassinet for the infant if they had pre-booked earlier, need to send the kids meals first to avoid kids hungry and cry, send the Portable Media Player to the pre-booked passengers only on Australia flights, heat up the meals, set up the cart and preparing for the foods and drinks service. 

(5) During meal service
We need to serve the pre-booked meal passengers one by one and also selling commercials. Sometimes please bear with us the service very slow due to some crews are busy in the galley because of the passengers order instant noodles, the meals not in the cart and we need to walk up and down to get the meals.... LOL 

(6) After meal service
We will go out with the rubbish collection so please do not handover your rubbish to the crews when they doing meal service, it's not hygiene so please wait for us to come out with the rubbish cart. After rubbish collection we need to prepare our Duty Free and Merchandise sales... 

(7) We need to check toilets every 30 minutes to make sure the toilets are clean and replenished, we need to call the cockpit every 30 minutes to make sure the pilots inside are fine, we need to check cabin every 15 minutes during day flight and bring a flashlight every 20 minutes during night flight to make sure no passengers sleeping on the floor. LOL...

(8) Before Landing
Before landing, we need to close our stocks, we need to put back everything into the cart from the display drawer, we need to check which passenger haven't claimed their meals(example like passengers not on the seat or we couldn't find the passengers), we need to collect back the Portable Media Player from the passengers, we need to stow back the baby bassinet, we need to count our money, we need to seal every cart so please bear in mind with us that when you last minute purchase something from us, we might told you that we already close our stocks... 

(9) After Landing
After all passengers disembark, we need to check the whole aircraft make sure passengers do not left anything behind 

This is my daily routine working in Air Asia X, Air Asia will be different but you may read my previous post 'A Day as a Flight Attendant in Air Asia' 
If nothing happen on that flight will be a very smooth flight but if anything happen will be very very tired... Now you can get a clear image on how we work onboard... It's a very busy life as a cabin crew :)

Last but not least, we wish you a Merry Merry Christmas...! Greeting from D7213 crews