Monday, April 14, 2014

Malaysia Clothes Buffet

I'm not a stylish or fashionable person but I love to style myself when going out. So buying clothes or accessories are my favourite... But I'm not really like to spend much money on branded clothes or branded accessories, so I always look for cheap cheap clothes and accessories hahahaha~ (Anyone of you out there same like me ?) Today I have something interesting for all the shopaholics out there, so keep calm, do not skip and read my post LOL
The Malaysia Largest Clothes Buffet is here!

The Malaysia Clothes Buffet is held at Syopz Mall @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus and this event will run for 3 days which is from 25-27 April.

But what is Clothes Buffet ? What its all about ? The concept of this clothes buffet is

Shoppers can enter the buffet area with the purchase of a ziplock bag for RM 60. Within 15 minutes, you can grab as many dresses, top, bottom, accessories as you can and stuff into the ziplock bag. There are more than 50,000 items that you can grab, as long as you can zip the bag, you can bring it home FOR FREE. The record was 16 pieces in a bag. At the moment, there are only female clothes. So only for GILRS! GIRLS don't miss it!
For more info please check out 

All the clothes in the event are FREE, there is no extra charges unless you break your ziplock bag (But do not worry because the bag is not that bad quality hahaha)...  

The size of the ziplock bag is
9 inch x 14 inch
It's not that big, so you need to find your own way to put as many as you can in the bag

How to get the ticket to enter this Malaysia Clothes Buffet ? To avoid the long waits, now you may purchase the entry ticket at the Facebook APP on their PAGE at

So GIRLS what are you waiting for ? Go buy the entry ticket now and shop for 15 minutes :) Ask your friend along and don't miss this chance! See you there! =) 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

机上的特殊情况 The special case onboard (DUO language post)

其实最近的我真的缺乏目的的在写我的部落格,原因是我好像没有任何事情可以再分享给你们知道了~所以在这里真的希望你们如果你们有任何东西想要我利用部落格分享或是分析给你们知道或了解的话,欢迎你们留言或是寄封伊媚儿给我 :)
Recently I'm out of topic to blog... :( The reason was I've nothing to share with you guys... I'm so sorry and that's why I'm blogging crap nowadays... So here if you guys wish me to blog out anything or any topics, please do comment below or shoot me an email :) 

每次在飞行前,空服员不止是需要准备妆容,准备工作;更需要身心去准备在飞机上会遇到的所有紧急事件~ 这是我们身为空服员最困难的事,所以我每次在工作前都会先祈祷,保佑我的航班能够平平安安,顺顺利利,不要发生任何可怕的事情~但是特殊的紧急状况还是偶尔会发生
Everytime before going for flight, flight attendant not only have to make up or grooming prepared; we also need to mentally and physically prepared so we can handle any emergencies happen onboard, and this is the hardest thing for us to prepared. Everytime before going for flight, I will pray for God, hope that my flight will go smooth all the time and all the way.. But sometimes some special case will happen too

Here today I'm gonna share with you guys what special case had I experienced on the past 5 years in my flying life... 

曾经有一次,当我还是AirAsia的时候,飞机正在蓝天白云里穿梭时,机长忽然把我叫了进去驾驶舱,然后要我去告诉乘客们说拜托他们关掉所有的电子用品,原因是飞机师们忽然读不到驾驶舱里的数据,因为电子用品的电波太多,干扰到驾驶舱里的飞行系统,导致飞行系统整个类似故障的情况,完全黑暗一片,飞机师们看不到飞机的高度,看不到天气,读不到任何数据,情况算很严重~ 当时的我整个心冷掉了,因为我亲眼看见整个飞行系统是黑黑的,心想:原来电波干扰真的能导致那么严重?我依照机长的指示出去告诉我的空服员,然后我们一个个去通知乘客们把所有电子用品包括Ipad,飞行模式下的电话,手提电脑,mp3,Ipod通通关掉,乘客们也都很听话的自动关掉所有电子用品,幸好过后没事了~机长在广播里感谢乘客的合作
When I'm still with AirAsia, the plane is cruising that time. Suddenly Captain called me to the cockpit, he asked me to inform all the passengers to off all the portable electronic devices, the reason was the pilots can't read the flight data in the screen suddenly. Due to the interference, all the screen in the cockpit blackout, pilots can't see the height, can't see the weather and can't read any data. I was stunt at that moment because I saw it by my own eyes, and that time only I know interference can be that serious. So I followed Captain's instruction and ask my crews to inform all the passengers switch off the electronic devices one by one. Thanks for the cooperation of the passengers and nothing was happen after that. 

有一次,也是在AirAsia的经历,当时是飞往印度的航班,我那时还不是SFA,就只是个普通的空服员。印度航班有时会有很麻烦的事件是因为印度人很喜欢在飞机上偷偷喝酒。在AirAsia里,乘客是禁止喝酒的;但是在AirAsia X里,我们有卖酒类,所以乘客可以在机上喝酒。当时我的航班有3个很壮的印度人,他们竟然自己带Dry Gin上飞机,然后乘我们不注意的时候,就偷偷喝酒,然后喝醉了开始闹事~ 他们开始干扰我们的工作,干扰乘客。直到有个乘客看不过眼,就说了他们3个人一下,怎知道搞到差一点就打架~ 还好我们阻止的快。我的SFA看不过眼,就报告给机长知道,机长就立刻通知印度机场,要把那3个壮汉交给那里的保安。到了印度机场后,果然4个很壮的保安上飞机就一手把他们3个拽了起来,然后带了出去。哇~这情景还是第一次看到
It's my another experience in AirAsia, it's a flight going to India. I'm still a normal crew, not yet a SFA. India flight always had lot of troubles because they love to drink onboard. In AirAsia, passengers are not allowed to drink onboard; but in AirAsia X, passengers can drink onboard because we do sell alcohol onboard. That time, my flight got 3 strong Indian man, they bring their own Dry Gin onboard and they drink without our notice. They start to drunk, start to disturb when we working and start to disturb the passengers around. Then my SFA report the problem to Captain and Captain decided to call the India airport, and security will wait for them upon arrival. When the time we arrive into India, there's 4 strong security guard came onboard, grab their arms and pull 3 of the Indian man out of the aircraft... Woah... this is my first time saw this. 

这是我在AirAsia X里遇到的情况,有个澳洲乘客在飞行期间一直跟我们买酒,然后当我们抵达吉隆坡的时候,他已经醉醺醺了。当全部乘客下了飞机后,他的朋友扶着他,他竟然连走路都跌跌撞撞,看来真的很醉了。我们放工后,就跟在这2个乘客后面,只看到他们2人好像螃蟹一样左撞右撞,甚至还跌倒。到了机场大厅后,必须上个escalator才能到2楼的入境关卡,他们2人上了escalator,怎知道竟然从escalator滚了下来,由于escalator一直是在运作,所以他们又升上又滚下,就这样一直重复,我们吓呆了,就在那里一直喊不知道要怎么办,还好一个同事灵敏,立刻上前去按了escalator的emergency stop button。但是那2人已经浑身是血了~ 好可怕,最后当然是交由给那里的保安处理咯
This was happen on my AirAsia X flight, there's a Australian keep buy alcohol from us onboard and drink. When we reach KL, he already drunk. After all the passengers disembark, he lean on his friend and he can't even walk properly, we finish our duty so we followed the 2 passengers to the main terminal. When we reach the main terminal, the 2 passengers step on the escalator because the immigration counter was at 2nd floor. But the passengers too drunk and can't stand properly, both of them start to roll and fall from the escalator. We were shouting... the escalator keep moving, and we can see the passengers drop and up again and drop again... Luckily one of my colleague quickly push the escalator emergency stop button and finally the escalator stop moving, but the 2 guys bleeding everywhere.... :( Then we handover the 2 passengers to the security...  

好了,今天分享到为止,下次会再跟你们分享~ 希望你们能留言告诉我哦~ 下一篇又有新的好康要介绍给大家咯!还可以跟大家一起去血拼血拼,请期待下篇部落格咯!Bye Bye
Ok, that's all for today... Will share again next time... So I'm waiting for your comment or email ? hahaha~ Next post another good thing to share with you all, we might be can go shopping together ? See ya next post... Bye Bye

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Random ♥

Happy April Fool everyone!! First of all, I would like to said a BIG THANK YOU to you guys who participate my GIVEAWAYS... Some also FB PM me because they can't comment at the comment box below... hmm.. don't know why LOL... Well, please do stay tuned and I'll announce the winners ok ??

Recently, I've nothing to blog actually due to I'm overworking these days... haih... I wish I could blog more but when nightstop, I'll stay in the hotel; when off day, I stay at home because I am so tired :( My family asked me why am I working so hard... Because I got another target now : To buy my second house :) So I have to work hard and earn more more more money...

A reader ask me what is the difference between Australia flights and China flights.. Why I can earn more in Australia flights ? Hmmm... Australia flights nightstop allowance is RM50 more compared to China flights. Australia flight time is longer so there will be more allowances, and Australia flights always sell alot of things so commission is alot too compared to China flights... :) So I always swap away my China flights to Australia flights...

And another good news was I got another SEOUL flight end of this month and it's LONNNG STAY!!!! I got one and a half day at SEOUL!! OMG OMG I am so damn lucky... Because for us Malaysians, we very hard to get JAPAN and KOREA routes because they will give priority for JAPANESE and KOREAN crews... And also I am so damn lucky because its LONG STAY! Normally we Malaysians only get SHORT stay which is only 18 hours there... Can't go anywhere, can only go for dinner... Now this time I can go MYEONG DONG! The shopping heaven and also the KOREA street foods... SLURPPPPP hahahahaha~ I'm a crazy girl now!!!! So stay tuned and sure I will blog it out to show off maaaaa.... hahahaha LOL... Bad me :(

Okay, sorry for the crap post again :) Bye see ya

Thursday, March 27, 2014

[GIVEAWAY] Kose Sekkisei Lotion Mask

KOSE - A very famous skincare brand from Japan. Honestly, I never used any KOSE product before and most of my colleagues they use KOSE as their skincare products... Now I know why they love KOSE so much because now I'm in love with KOSE after I tried their NEW star product :)

This time KOSE is launching a new product KOSE SEKKISEI LOTION MASK. They called it 'The best Whitening product' among all the KOSE products...
This KOSE SEKKISEI LOTION MASK is so special because they come in a bottle, you just need to soak your paper mask in the lotion and you can apply it on your face :)

Now you can get your own KOSE SEKKISEI LOTION MASK in every KOSE counters

This KOSE SEKKISEI LOTION MASK contains of the 3 main whitening ingredients that are selected out of 100 types of oriental plants. 
Coix Seed Extract
Coix Seed Extract increased the metabolism, whitening, mosturizing and also prevention of skin roughness
Angelica Extract
Angelica Extract have
disinfectant, whitening and mosturizing effect
Melothria Extract (White Lotus)
Melothria Extract has also whitening effect on the skin

So now it's time for me to show some magic :)

Before I use the mask, I have dull skin, dark eye circles and also some obvious pimpe scars :( No edit and no make up (I know I'm ugly LOL)

Apply my KOSE Lotion Mask for 10 minutes

AFTER! Can you see my glowing skin ?? It's amazing, no more DULL skin and my dark eye circles looks ore better :) OMG, I can't believe it, just try ONE mask only...

More info about KOSE please browse here

Now KOSE Malaysia is launching a 'MISS CINDERELLA CONTEST' Winner will get a lot attractive prizes... So don't miss it!
The contest period is 1 month starting from TODAY!!!

Participate now at


This is my first time doing giveaway post, I am really excited to share with you all...
Here I have 24 pocket masks to giveaway to 24 of my readers out there! What you need to do is only answer 2 simple questions on this blog post. (1) What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE SEKKISEI LOTION MASK ?
(2) Name ONE of the benefits of the KOSE SEKKISEI LOTION MASK.

Those answers you can simply find in my blog post... :) So it's simple and easy...
I'll picked 24 of you, so please drop down your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS along with your ANSWERS on this blog post and I'll announce the winners later :)

The WINNERS will have to collect the GIFT from Nuffnang office
12B-5 and 12B-6, Heritage House,
33 Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
50300 Kuala Lumpur,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Random~ Happy and Sad

Its the end of March peoples... Again! I update my blog LATE again :( My previous post was 7 days ago! OMG~ No wonder my readers traffic is getting lesser and lesser again :( cry cry~ please don't leave me... I apologize wuhuhu~ 

Talking about this month, I am a happy girl and also a sad girl... LOL.. Why ? Happy because I got my new camera finally :) Casio TR15.. I got it!! 

That's why recently I can take alot of 'nice' selfie photos LOL~ I admit it ok ? It's a big difference because the camera setting is really good for selfie... But of course it doesn't change your eyeballs shape or body shape or shorten or lengthen your hair LOL... Hahahaha~ 

Okaaay, talking about SAD~ Its because I paid one shot for this camera :( cry cry again... Half of my salary gone... LOL.. Who ask me so greedy... Haihhhhhh... Sad sad laaa... Girls maaaa.... My boyfren always said I stupid because the camera is damn expensive LOL... 

Another Happy thing was, I was planning to go Japan.. But don't know can make it or not :) Hope I can make it laaaa... So as usual, money gone gone gone! Bye money!!! LOL... 

Okaaay, that's all for today's bullsh*t... Thanks for reading 

Another fake selfie photo for you guys