Monday, May 27, 2013

Batchmate Valarie's Wedding ♥

Happy Wedding Pang Y.C & Valarie :D Sweet Sweet love 
PS: photos owned by CM.Photography and copyrighted.

These few days I am so damn busy walaooooo.... After 4 days working continuosly, the next day I need to wake up early to become 'JIMUI' for Valarie's wedding day. Valarie is my AirAsia batchmate Batch89 and now we are flying for around 4 years, finally she is getting married! So of course I can't reject her to become her 'jimui' lo... 

I reach her house around 8am and we start preparing the games for the 'Hengdai'~ I didn't bring camera that day because nobody can hold the camera for me so no photos :( I just use all the photos that taken by the photographer which is CM.Photography :) The games included make up, waxing, wasabi bread, wearing bikini, eat banana and drink beer in baby bottle hahahaha~ 

The whole day was fun and this is my first time become 'Jimui' and I realize its really tiring WOW.. I woke up at 7am and we finished at 4pm... Damn tired LOL... But its a whole new experience for me hehehe~ So not bad laaaaa~ 

25 May 2012

The 'Jimuis' from AirAsia and AirAsia X

Game start

The groom :)

Good job guys and bye~